Morrow has placed a substantial amount of capital investment into our shop to ensure top quality. We have kept up with the latest in robotic technology, focusing heavily on semi-automation. From vessel profilers to robotic pipe and skid welders, Morrow looks to use automation wherever possible during the fabrication process. Morrow pairs the expertise of a person with the speed, quality, and consistency of a machine to produce higher quality results in a fraction of the time.

Automated Skid Welder

Robotic skid welder can handle skids and work pieces up to 16’ wide and 49’ long and 13’ tall.

Plasma Table

Plasma/oxy cutting tables can cut up to 4” thick plate in dimensions up to 10’ x 20’.

Automated Pipe Welder

Automated pipe welder can process spools from 3” to 42” diameter and up to 40’ in length.

Vessel Profiler

Vessel profiler bevel cuts nozzle holes in vessel shell up to 10’ in diameter and 60’ in length with wall thickness up to 4”. It has the ability to profile vessel shells up to 50 tons.

Nozzle Welder

Nozzle welder has the capacity to weld nozzles from 12”-36” ID on shells from 1”-7” thick.

Turning Rolls

Morrow’s turning roll capacity can handle a single vessel up to 480 tons.

Automated Horizontal band

Horizontal band can cut materials up to 12” wide and 12” tall.

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