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Morrow Energy Landfill Gas Treating Plant Image
Aerial View of Morrow Energy Landfill Gas Treating Plant

Morrow Energy is actively seeking to develop high BTU landfill opportunities. We are here to support you in all areas while turning your next development idea into a reality, whether it be as an independent developer or as a partner in your project. Morrow has experience in developing ten unique raw biogas to high BTU plant applications to date. Being a privately-held company and having a thorough understanding of all aspects of the gas upgrading and field development process allows us to identify quick, go-to market opportunities when they arise.

When Morrow handles the design work, fabrication, operation, and installation of a project, we can ensure a faster delivery to market while maintaining sought-after quality in all areas of our scope. Our proven track record confirms maximum gas gathering quantities, industry-leading runtimes (>98%), and high methane recovery efficiencies (98%). It is our mission to improve the conditions for the landfill and surrounding neighborhoods by processing and monetizing the landfill gas. The graph below displays the number of odor complaints at a Morrow-developed facility before and after our plant was in operation.

Morrow Energy Odor complaints

The methane gas captured off the landfill waste is processed by Morrow to produce clean, renewable energy that can be used as an alternative to traditional methods of energy production. The use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) in the U.S. and Canada has drastically increased over the past decade. According to the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, RNG use as a transportation fuel has increased 291% over the last five years, displacing close to 7.7 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). In 2019, 39% of all on-road fuel used in natural gas vehicles was RNG.

With 20+ years of involvement in both independent and partnered landfill gas development, Morrow has the experience and expertise to support you in all areas while turning your next waste-to-energy development idea into a reality.

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