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Morrow Energy’s Health, Safety and Environment program is designed to protect our employees, safeguard our work environment, ensure quality control and maintain efficient production of world-class product.

An HSE-dedicated company culture is the bedrock of our entire operation. Health and safety are not merely high priority commitments. From our company’s inception, the highest HSE standards have formed the basis of all operational protocols, integrated into our corporate culture from the moment an employee or contractor is hired.

Our safety performance is equal to those of the best performing companies in the oil and gas services industry. We believe all incidents are preventable when we have the right processes, systems, training and attitudes in place.

Our HSE program includes:

  • Comprehensive safety training and reporting requirements
  • Routine internal audits and inspections
  • Licensed safety auditor certification equivalency for all facility, plant and operations managers
  • Active measuring and management of corporate and individual HSE performance
  • Ongoing training in current natural gas safety procedures for all staff and contractors
  • Pre-job safety planning for new projects
  • Startup assistance and operator training offered to our customers
  • ASME code compliant equipment
  • OSHA compliance across all platforms and IS Networld affiliation

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