Company Overview

Morrow Energy is a natural gas treating and equipment supplier headquartered in Midland, Texas. We design, manufacture, build, start up and operate gas treatment plants, including landfill gas plants, amine plants, physical solvent plants, glycol dehydrators, condensate stabilizers, refrigeration/dew point control plants, fractionation plants, and catalytic oxygen removal units.
We began operating in 1986 as SouthTex Treaters, primarily providing contract gas treating services and equipment. We have treated as much as 200 million cubic feet per day for clients and have built facilities capable of treating more than a billion cubic feet per day.

As global midstream infrastructure develops, producers and midstream operators seek out processes and technologies that optimize output while minimizing infrastructure and operational overhead.We help our clients get there.

Morrow Energy owns the entire value chain for gas plant construction and operation. Our 61,000 square foot fabrication facility and 37,000 square foot outdoor slab are designed for efficient in-house operations. Maintaining ownership of the entire process— including engineering, plant and process design, equipment supply and fabrication, startup, technical support and contract gas plant operation— allows us to preserve the quality and integrity of our product.


Morrow’s core focus is Amine and Stabilization for gas processing facilities and oil gathering facilities. We also offer mol sieve and TEG dehydration, O2 removal, H2S removal, 2 or 3 phase separators, pipe skids, code pressure vessels, pump & valve skids along with other custom fabrication.


Morrow’s renewable treating processes are intended to treat gas coming off of both landfills and digesters. We also offer mol sieve and TEG dehydration, nitrogen rejection, and H2S removal options.

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