Landfill Development

Landfill gas streams must be effectively rid of unwanted components like CO2, H2S, water, and heavy hydrocarbons. Morrow-built plants utilize SELEXOL™—a physical solvent capable of treating all trace elements with a methane efficiency of at least 98%. This landfill development technology combines with our team’s technical expertise to result in lower operating and maintenance costs and higher overall profitability.

Blueridge Renewables

The Blue Ridge Renewables landfill-to-renewable natural gas facility demonstrates Morrow is tackling complex challenges. The transformation of the Blue Ridge Landfill serves as a model of sustainable progress, combining economic vitality with ecological stewardship. read more

Swift Creek Renewables

This facility located in Chester, Virginia, is set to improve the sustainable energy landscape by converting landfill gas into clean and renewable natural gas. This facility has a substantial capacity of 10,000 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute), this state-of-the-art plant represents a significant step towards addressing environmental challenges while harnessing the potential of renewable energy. read more

Twin Oaks Renewables

The facility’s impressive operational efficiency, rapid development timeline, and commitment to providing reliable renewable energy solutions make it a noteworthy project in the field of sustainable energy. read more

 JDP Renewables

The JDP Renewable Energy Facility, located near Welsh, Louisiana, This facility has successfully run for over a decade, weathering several hurricanes and maintaining an average runtime of 96.4%. This RNG plant converts landfill gas into clean and sustainable renewable natural gas. With a keen focus on operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, JDP Renewable Energy Facility is a great example of how waste can be turned into a valuable resource. read more

Corpus Christi Renewables

The Corpus Christi Renewables facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, is an excellent example of sustainability in the renewable energy landscape. By converting landfill gas into clean renewable natural gas, this project aligns with the broader objectives of environmental stewardship and the transition towards renewable energy sources. read more

Landfill Development

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