Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop for Biogas Equipment: Experience the power of gas treatment solutions developed with in-house ASME code vessels. Our 35-acre shop has over 90,000 square feet of indoor heavy fabrication space with a 150,000 square-foot outdoor reinforced assembly pad. With four total bays, a lifting capacity of over 300,000 lbs, and a shop crew of over 150 Morrow employees, we have the capacity to deliver a higher volume of premium-quality equipment built to outperform the competition.

In our 12,000-square-foot warehouse, we stock valves, instrumentation, level gauges, pumps, etc. We strive to keep our deliveries the best in the market by our commitment to our stocking program.


Robotic skid welder can handle skids and work pieces up to 16’ wide and 49’ long and 13’ tall.

Automated Skid Welder

Plasma/oxy cutting tables can cut up to 4” thick plate in dimensions up to 10’ x 20’.

plasma table

Automated pipe welder can process spools from 3” to 42” diameter and up to 40’ in length.

Automated Pipe Welder

Vessel profiler bevel cuts nozzle holes in vessel shell up to 10’ in diameter and 60’ in length with wall thickness up to 4”. It has the ability to profile vessel shells up to 50 tons.

Vessel Profiler

Nozzle welder has the capacity to weld nozzles from 12”-36” ID on shells from 1”-7” thick.

nozzle welder

Morrow’s turning roll capacity can handle a single vessel up to 480 tons.

turning Rolls

Horizontal band can cut materials up to 12” wide and 12” tall.

Automated Horizontal Band

Morrow has the capability to roll vessel shells up to 1 inch thick.

Morrow action finals

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