Conventional Gas Treating

As renewable natural gas applications continue to grow, conventional gas treating isn’t going away. There will always be a need for reliable, efficient natural gas treatment solutions regardless of the gas source. Morrow understands this need, has industry leading capabilities in conventional gas treating, and a portfolio of successful projects to back that claim.

Amine treating refers to the process of distilling impurities from natural gas such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Amine gas and liquid treating plants are our specialty. We have treated as much as 200 million cubic feet per day for customers and we’ve built facilities capable of treating more than a billion cubic feet per day. We can custom build an amine gas and treatment unit to your specifications or build one based on our available stock designs. Morrow Energy facilities can be located where this is one well or where multiple gas streams are gathered for proper treatment before reaching the pipeline. For gas streams with excess H2S and CO2, Morrow Energy offers custom and pre-engineered amine regeneration skid units with available gas train and TEG/glycol dehydration units for excess water removal. Stock amine gas treating plants range in size from 60 GPM through 1,100 GPM, and we have designs for amine treatment plants up to 2,000 GPM per train.

Amine Units

Morrow Energy has extensive experience in developing and fabricating a range of stabilization units. By tailoring the stabilizer to the customer’s overall processing, we develop flexible, high performance systems offering significant advantages to both cryogenic processing facilities and remote gathering facilities. Morrow also has experience in crude oil stabilization reducing the RVP to prevent blending issues in oil gathering facilities. We have the capacity to build single-train hydrocarbon condensate stabilizers up to 25,000 BPD and single-train crude oil stabilizers up to 50,000 BPD. Morrow has designs for both one and two tower stabilizers.


Morrow Energy has decades of experience designing, fabricating, commissioning and operating TEG Dehydration units. With regenerator sizes ranging up to 3.5 MMBTU/hr, Morrow can provide natural-draft heating, forced-draft, electric, or whatever your needs require. Whether simple field controls or high end burner management is required, we can provide solutions tailored to your budget and outlet water specification.

TEG Units

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