Twin Oaks Renewables – Turning Landfill Gas into Clean Energy

Twin Oaks Renewables


Twin Oaks Renewables is a renewable energy facility located near College Station, Texas. This plant specializes in the conversion of landfill gas into clean and sustainable renewable natural gas. The facility’s operational efficiency, rapid development timeline, and commitment to providing reliable renewable energy solutions make it a noteworthy project in the field of sustainable energy.

Twin Oaks Landfill Introduction
Twin Oaks Renewables Project Overview

Project Overview

Location: Near College Station, Texas
Conversion Focus: Landfill gas to renewable natural gas
Operator: Morrow Energy
Operational Efficiency: Average runtime of 99%
Capacity: 4,000 SCFM
Commissioned: December 2022

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Twin Oaks Renewables was to address the environmental issues posed by landfill gas emissions while simultaneously harnessing this waste resource to produce clean and sustainable energy. Landfill gas, primarily composed of methane and carbon dioxide, is a potent greenhouse gas and poses significant environmental concerns. It was crucial to find an innovative and efficient way to mitigate these issues.

Twin Oaks Renewables Challenge
Twin Oaks Renewables Solution

The Solution

Twin Oaks Landfill’s objective is to convert landfill gas into renewable natural gas, which could then be used as a clean energy source. Morrow handled every aspect of the project, from
design to operations.

Key Success Factors

Rapid Development Timeline: One of the standout features of the Twin Oaks Renewables project was its impressive development speed. The plant went from the signing of contracts to becoming fully operational in just 8 months. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Morrow Energy’s dedication to providing fast and reliable renewable energy solutions.

Operational Efficiency: Twin Oaks Renewables boasts an average runtime of 99%, reflecting the plant’s exceptional reliability and performance. This level of operational efficiency ensures a consistent supply of clean renewable natural gas to the energy grid.

Comprehensive In-House Approach: Morrow Energy handled all aspects of the project in-house, from design and manufacturing to installation and plant operations. This integrated approach allowed for seamless coordination and greater control over the project’s execution, contributing to its success.

Key Success Factors
Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

The Twin Oaks Renewables project represents a significant step towards addressing environmental concerns associated with landfill gas emissions. By converting landfill gas into renewable natural gas, harmful greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, making a positive contribution to combating climate change.


The Twin Oaks Renewables project near College Station, Texas, stands as a remarkable example of innovative and efficient landfill gas-to-energy conversion. Through its rapid development, high operational efficiency, and comprehensive in-house approach, this facility has not only transformed landfill gas into clean and sustainable energy but also exemplified Morrow Energy’s commitment to providing reliable renewable energy solutions. “The Twin Oaks landfill is excited to join Morrow Energy in this project, ” said John Nicols, Chairman of the BVSWMA, Inc. Board of Directors, “As a successful joint venture of The Cities of Bryan and College Station, the new income stream is a valuable contribution to the bottom line and a great return to our citizens.”

Paul Morrow, President of Morrow Energy, sums up the significance of the Twin Oaks land- fill-gas-to-energy plant perfectly: “The Twin Oaks landfill-gas-to-energy plant represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide sustainable energy solutions that benefit both the environment and our customers.” This case study demonstrates that with the right approach and dedication, it is possible to turn environmental challenges into opportunities for positive change. Twin Oaks Renewables is a shining example of how innovation and commitment can drive progress in the renewable energy sector.


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