Swift Creek Renewables – Transforming Landfill Gas into Clean Renewable Natural Gas

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Swift Creek Renewables in Chester, Virginia, is one of Morrow’s newest facilities converting landfill gas into clean and renewable natural gas. This facility was commissioned in September 2023 and with a substantial capacity of 10,000 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute), this state-of-the-art plant represents a significant step towards addressing environmental challenges while harnessing the potential of renewable energy.

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Project Overview

Location: Chester, Virginia
Conversion Focus: Landfill gas to clean renewable natural gas
Operator: Morrow Energy
Capacity: 10,000 SCFM
Commissioning: September 2023

The Challenge

The Swift Creek Renewables project aims to tackle two pressing challenges simultaneously. First, it seeks to address the environmental concerns associated with landfill gas emissions. Landfills are significant sources of greenhouse gases, primarily methane, which has a potent impact on climate change. Second, the project aims to transform this environmental challenge into an opportunity by converting landfill gas into clean and sustainable renewable natural gas.

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The Solution

Morrow Energy is committed to providing an innovative solution to these challenges by designing a cutting-edge facility for landfill gas conversion. The facility’s core focus is the conversion of landfill gas into clean and renewable natural gas, a sustainable energy source that can be used to power homes, businesses, and vehicles.

Key Success Factors

Capacity and Efficiency: With a capacity of 10,000 SCFM, Morrow demonstrates a significant commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. High efficiency in gas conversion is vital for producing a substantial volume of renewable natural gas.

Environmental Impact: By converting landfill gas into renewable natural gas, Swift Creek Renewables will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, addressing a critical environmental concern and aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

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Morrow’s Swift Creek Renewables facility in Chester, Virginia, represents the company’s commitment to developing sustainable and renewable energy sources. By converting landfill gas into clean renewable natural gas, this project aligns with the broader goals of environmental responsibility and renewable energy adoption.

With its impressive 10,000 SCFM capacity and commitment to environmental impact reduction, Swift Creek Renewables is set to make a substantial contribution to both the local community and the global fight against climate change. 


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