JDP Renewable Energy Facility – Transforming Landfill Gas into Clean and Sustainable Energy

JDP Case Study


The JDP Renewable Energy Facility, located near Welsh, Louisiana, This facility has successfully run for over a decade, weathering several hurricanes and maintaining an average runtime of 96.4%. This RNG plant converts landfill gas into clean and sustainable renewable natural gas. With a keen focus on operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, JDP Renewable Energy Facility is a great example of how waste can be turned into a valuable resource.

JDP Introduction
JDP Project Overview

Project Overview

Location: Near Welsh, Louisiana
Conversion Focus: Landfill gas to renewable natural gas
Operator: Morrow Energy
Operational Efficiency: Average runtime of 96.4%
Capacity: 2,500 SCFM
Commissioned: April 2008

The Challenge

The challenge facing JDP Renewable Energy Facility was to address the environmental concerns associated with landfill gas emissions, primarily composed of methane and carbon dioxide. Landfills are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and finding a way to both mitigate these emissions and generate clean energy was a critical goal.

JDP Challenge
JDP Solution

The Solution

JDP Renewable Energy Facility embarked on a mission to transform landfill gas into renewable natural gas, which could then be used as a clean and sustainable energy source. This project was made possible by the expertise and dedication of Morrow Energy, the operator responsible for all aspects of the project, from design and construction to ongoing operations.

Key Success Factors

Operational Efficiency: The facility achieves an impressive average runtime of 96.4%. This high level of operational efficiency ensures a consistent and reliable supply of clean renewable natural gas to the energy grid.

Capacity: With a capacity of 2,500 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute), the JDP Renewable Energy Facility has an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to the clean energy landscape.

Environmental Responsibility: By converting landfill gas into renewable natural gas, the facility plays a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. It aligns with the global effort to transition to cleaner energy sources.

JDP Key Success Factors
JDP Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

The JDP Renewable Energy Facility has a positive impact on the environment. By capturing and converting landfill gas into renewable natural gas, the facility mitigates emissions that would otherwise contribute to climate change. This not only reduces the environmental footprint but also provides a valuable and sustainable energy source.


The JDP Renewable Energy Facility near Welsh, Louisiana, represents an achievement in the field of landfill gas-to-energy conversion. Its focus on operational efficiency, capacity, and environmental responsibility demonstrates the facility’s commitment to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions.

This case study showcases how innovative approaches to waste management and renewable energy generation can lead to positive environmental outcomes. JDP Renewable Energy facility serves as a prime example of how industry leaders like Morrow can drive progress in the renewable energy sector while addressing environmental challenges.

JDP Conclusion

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