Blue Ridge Landfill’s Shift to Renewable Energy Innovation


The Blue Ridge Landfill near Houston, Texas, looked to improve local air quality. With a goal of reducing odor complaints from nearby residents and homeowner associations. The landfill addressed this issue and improved its environmental impact.

In 2018, Morrow initiated a significant change by conceiving and implementing the Blue Ridge Renewables landfill-to-renewable natural gas facility at the Blue Ridge Landfill. This innovative effort marked a pivotal moment in reducing greenhouse gases while capitalizing on renewable energy potential.


Since operations began, the Blue Ridge Renewables facility has shown remarkable outcomes. Renewable natural gas production has notably increased, contributing not only to environmental sustainability but also to economic growth. Particularly noteworthy, odor complaints have been reduced by 99%, underscoring Morrow’s success in addressing community concerns.

The importance of this initiative goes beyond odor reduction. The operational efficiency of the Blue Ridge Renewables facility has opened an additional revenue stream promoting economic resilience. Additionally, the environmental impact of greenhouse gases has been significantly lessened. The facility’s operations have led to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to planting over 7 million acres of forest, highlighting substantial progress in environmental preservation.

In conclusion, the Blue Ridge Renewables landfill-to-renewable natural gas facility demonstrates Morrow is tackling complex challenges. The transformation of the Blue Ridge Landfill serves as a model of sustainable progress, harmonizing economic vitality with ecological stewardship.


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