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Gas Sweetening

The gas sweetening system also known as amine gas treating or amine scrubbing refers to distilling impurities from natural gas such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Morrow Energy has confidence in providing the best plants when it comes to amine gas treating.Our skilled engineers can design plants as large as 2000 GPM when ordered. Smaller plants ranging from 40-600 GPM are available upon request.
Morrow Energy offers drilling and refining equipment for natural gas. Morrow Energy has years of experience in the industry and has dealt with and prepared for any problems that could arise.

We have treated as much as 200 million cubic feet per day for clients and we’ve built facilities capable of treating more than a billion cubic feet per day.
Our stock amine gas treating plants can be modified and delivered upon request. Morrow Energy offers startup assistance, ongoing technical support and fast delivery with no loss in long-term plant quality and dependability.
Morrow Energy facilities can be placed where there is one well or where multiple gas streams are gathered for proper treatment before reaching the pipeline. For gas streams with excess H2S and CO2, Morrow Energy offers custom and pre-engineered amine regeneration skid units with available gas train and TEG/glycol dehydration units for excess water removal.

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