Contract Treating

Morrow Energy offers gas treatment services on contract.

Instead of incurring the expense associated with building or owning a gas treatment plant, clients pay a monthly processing fee. We take full responsibility for permitting, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of the plant so you can direct operating capital toward other business needs.

With more than 25 years of experience in contract treating and a massive onsite stockyard, Morrow Energy helps clients maintain better than 95% run time by managing their gas treatment processes.

We guarantee 95% or better runtime, and we generate monthly performance reports to maintain operating excellence and provide you with oversight data.

Advantages to contract treating

  • Capital that would be allocated for plant procurement and construction can be used to drill additional wells rather than invest in a treating plant.
  • You can expense 100% of contract treating fees rather than depreciate gas processing plant equipment over a long period.
  • Morrow Process Equipment handles environmental permitting and regulation compliance.
  • We guarantee runtime and are financially penalized for lack of performance.
  • At the end of the contract, Morrow Process Equipment is responsible for plant decommissioning and removal.
  • Morrow Process Equipment employs and trains the treating plant operations team.
  • Morrow Process Equipment engineers perform technical troubleshooting and resolve operational issues.

We provide contract treating services for